Yummy Diet’s Box of Wellness is Here!


The most coveted box with products & coupons worth over Php 9,000!

In the past few years, there has been an uptick in what we can call the “healthy lifestyle” market. This is largely because it is innate that we feel the need to not only look good, but also feel good. People are beginning to enjoy vegan diets, viands served with brown rice and all the other healthy alternatives that have been flying off the shelves. Then again, this leads to another question. Is it just a fad, or are people actually becoming more health conscious? Filipinos are some of the fastest people to catch-on to trends, and also some of the quickest to dump them.

Time to get fit! Given that we pretty much love to eat and love to follow trends, there is no better way to start the push toward a generally healthier lifestyle than now. Not all who start the journey toward fitness will get to finish the journey, as it is no simple task. It it our role, however, at Yummy Diet, to help these people who are just trying the healthy lifestyle as a start make it a necessary part of their lives.

Scientific studies suggest a healthy diet and exercise as the perfect combination to fitness. But how exactly do we start the fitness process if we are not knowledgeable? Luckily, we at Yummy Diet, aside from offering you our yummy treats, have partnered with the best brands to introduce to you a game changer. Open our Box of Wellness (B.O.W.)!

Box of Wellness, as the name implies, contains all the ingredients to set you off on a wonderful journey to being fit and healthy the proper way. As fitness is a holistic process, we give you the healthiest alternatives to aid you in the best way possible. Have a sip of tea for better digestion and to burn your belly fat. Introduce coco water, soy milk and yogurt into your diet meals to help give you a boost of calcium and other nutrients and make you feel fuller. Brown rice and sugar substitutes are also available, as well as oils, lotion, soap and even Gift Certificates for slimming services! Now that’s a total package if we’ve ever seen one! Yummy Diet and our partners for the Box of Wellness keep you calories down, make sure you’re full and energetic and most of all, eager and enthusiastic to take the next steps toward a healthier version of yourself!

YummyDiet continues to be committed as your partner in your wellness journey and we invite you to take the first step towards a better quality life by enjoying YummyDiet and opening the Box of Wellness! Go on and take a B.O.W.!

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