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Local Beauty Brand Exalts Coconut Power

Cocoline Naturals, a homegrown brand that uses natural ingredients, is putting back the spotlight to coconuts and its myriad benefits.

Coconuts have long since been touted as the “Magical Fruit” because of its long list of uses and cures. Celebrity A-listers swear by coconut oil. Personally, I can also vouch for its effectiveness and versatility as I started using VCO when I was still a teenager.  My skin, hair, and internal systems have benefited from this wonderful natural oil. Aside from its excellent qualities, I am also a big fan of its tropical scent which evokes images of beaches and long summer days.

Beauty Secret

Coconut based products are supercharged with repairing and beautifying qualities. I should know this because it worked wonders on my sensitive and acne-prone skin. However, there is just one problem: coconut oil can be too “heavy” and “greasy” for the country’s humid climate.

This need prompted me to start searching for a coconut based product with a lightweight formula that I can use every day. As a commuter, it is important that I use cosmetics that will not feel sticky after hours of traveling under the sun.

The answer to my prayer came in the form of Cocoline Naturals.

I consider my encounter with the Cocoline Naturals product as kismet. I was about to grab a bottle of shampoo when a shelf carrying Cocoline Naturals products caught my eyes. Truth be told, I have never heard of the brand before but my curiosity impelled me to check out the items anyway. Lo and behold! The Cocoline Naturals lotion and soap were able to capture coconut scent that I adore. It was love at first smell. Without a second thought, I happily bought the products.

When I arrived home, I immediately searched the internet to learn more about Cocoline Naturals. I have sensitive skin that easily breaks out so I always gather information and read customer reviews prior to using any new product.

Before going all out, I try to make sure that its ingredients will not clog my pores. Anti-bacterial properties are important for me as I am susceptible to developing back acne or “back-ne”. Thankfully, the Cocoline Naturals products, which harness the powers of coconut oil, can fight 99.99% of bacteria. Aside from that, its lotion and beauty bar can prevent up to 98.77% of fungal infections.

Even greater is the fact that, even though Cocoline Naturals products have antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities, they are free from synthetic preservatives known as parabens.  Parabens, widely used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, are often associated with bodily disruptions such as cancers, chronic diseases, and other illnesses. Once absorbed by the skin and blood, the parabens stay in the body’s system and can only lessened by heavy perspiration. It is, therefore, advisable to read the labels carefully to be fully aware of the different product ingredients.

These paraben-free products also act as a natural moisturizer. The Cocoline Naturals line has unique VCO based formulations that promise skin deep moisturization. Furthermore, the select ingredients of this secret beauty formula are mixed meticulously to maximize the power of coconut oils. In doing so, consumers like me are provided with a pleasurable skin care experience.

Cocoline Naturals also offers skin whitening products to help achieve fairer and glowing skin. Its Triple Whitening line, which consists of lotion, body wash, and beauty bar, melds the benefits of coconuts with papaya extracts, kojic acid, and vitamin C. In addition, the SPF 10 found in the lotion helps in protecting the skin from the risks of sun exposure and damage.


Coconut Product Advocate

COCO Healthproducts Inc. (CHI), Philippine-based corporation, is the maker of the Cocoline Naturals brand. CHI, which offers globally competitive personal care products, aims to make coconut as a beauty and care alternative.

As a Filipino brand, CHI works closely with local coconut farmers in their corporate operations. It is their vision to “help grow the local coconut industry”.

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