Congratulations on taking the first step of your journey towards a better lifestyle! The fact that you’re here means you’re mind is now ready to live healthier and better.

  • Meals and snacks are nutritionally calculated, be it low calorie or low carb and are pre-portioned to take the guesswork out of healthy eating.
  • Menus are updated weekly with exciting, fresh dietitian-approved recipes created by our Corporate Chef and Managing Partner.
  • Just because you are on a diet, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the flavor. Get healthy dishes daily that is rich in global flavors. It’s as if you’re eating in different restaurant everyday.
  • No more meal planning
  • No more grocery shopping
  • No more tedious ingredient preparation
  • No need to worry about cooking

Time is luxury. To do all these would require so much of your time that you can just spend investing on memories with your families, friends or travels. We know that this to-do list of healthy eating are just some of the hindrances that you encounter when you’re finally decided on eating healthy. Now that we’re here, we are taking away all these hassles from you so you can finally achieve your health & wellness goals, not to mention having more time doing other things that makes you happy. Now that we’re here, you’re just a phone call away to weight loss and/or healthier eating habit.

  • When you start watching what you eat and eliminate the stubborn junk food, you will start to see the difference. More energy, lesser sluggish feeling and of course, weight loss. With a healthy diet, you lose weight without the hunger. We are big advocates against Yoyo Dieting because not only is it bad for your health, but because the rebound weight is twice as much as your original weight.
  • To give you an overview of how much weight you can lose while on Yummy Diet, our Low Calorie meals can make you safely lose up to 3 Lbs. in 5 days, assuming you follow our program strictly while our LCHP or Low Carb High Protein meals plans make you safely lose up to 4 Lbs. in 5 days.